We love perfection. It’s what makes our wetsuits blueseventy. They’ve won awards. They’ve won accolades. They’ve won the title of defacto choice for athletes wanting the best. Since the beginning, we’ve crafted them the tried-and-true way—by studying stroke mechanics and dialing in the fit.

So when it came time to update our core wetsuit line, it took three years for us to fathom how to make something already perfect even more so. To do this, we literally deconstructed every suit we ever made. Then we put our new suits to the ultimate test. We gave them to athletes racing in the field. The results have been unprecedented. All suits are coming in at the top of their class. The new Helix has been first out of the water in every outing so far. And given the level of competition, it’s confirmation that the design guys got it right. Again.





Look through the images over the last 10 years and you’ll see one wetsuit that has defined the sport of triathlon, led more races and created more champions than any other. Improving the legendary Helix was no easy task. This iteration started by taking everything we know about suit design and 20 years of product testing and beginning with a blank sheet and one objective – speed. We took the very best of technology that is available, looked at current research, trends and pulled from the test archives when necessary.



If anything the new Helix is the culmination of all the previous generations we’ve made: a thick 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome core provides supreme flotation and a high but balanced body position that we’ve meshed with side panel technology from the H:2 prototypes used in 2008. Proprietary TST panels give unparalleled upper body flexibility that was improved by using a brand new arm/chest expansion design that literally blew us away in testing. Add to that revised quick exit legs, the iconic reverse zipper and new body contour panels; the Helix fits like a second skin and stays quickest through T1.



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