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Welcome to the home of #fastswimming!

We’ve pioneered swimming products for over twenty years. When we took our passion for open water swimming into the pool in 2007 we revolutionised technical swimwear.

Testing the first ever nero pool suit, swimmers were going up to five seconds faster per 50metres in training. We couldn’t believe our stopwatches and the suits went on to smash personal bests and world records.

When full body suits were banned in 2010, we quickly responded with ‘neroTX’, a great fitting, compressive textile suit complying with FINA laws. And now the story continues with neroTX colours and nero14.


Our most technically advanced and fastest suit. nero14 follows the neroXII, which was worn in finals in London 2012, and comes with refined fit and styling, as recommended by our most practised experts - the swimmers who race in our suits!


Ideal for the more muscular, experienced athlete or for your top level competition. This suit should not be comfortable if worn for long periods of time outside of the water (this is not what it's designed for!)


Highly compressive fabric and internally welded core stability panels make this the next step up for anyone who may have worn a technical suit before, but now wants to take their performance to the next level.


nero14 helps maintain good body positioning and hydrodynamics, lifting your hips high whilst allowing you to stretch and reach through every pull and kick.



The original textile suit, neroTX is still a market leading suit for fit, performance and value. In summer 2013 we launched versions in pink, blue and orange. Now athletes can swim brighter as well as faster!


neroTX has particularly great fit for tall, slim swimmers. It's tight on the legs and supports the core whilst maintaining length in the body to ensure its comfortable to wear.


Super lightweight fabric that is quick drying yet compressive. The TX benefits from ultrasonic welded seams for smooth surface flow and reduced drag.


The superior fit of nero TX gives it an ultra low drag coefficient and will ensure that you feel streamlined above and below the water.